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Who we are

Abtek IBE Pty Ltd is a family owned specialist bakery engineering company and has operated successfully since March 1988, when we started designing and manufacturing industrial bakery machinery. 

Our philosophy then and now is that "a clear understanding of the client's needs is the first step to achieving solutions".

Now with well over 25 years manufacturing experience in the industrial Baking Industry, we are very proud of our reputation for delivering value for money creative solutions to meet client needs from our specialist bakery machinery manufacturing facility at Ipswich, Queensland.

As many bespoke requirements for Industrial Bakeries lie outside the scope of any catalogue, we manufacture equipment to client specifications and are equipped to provide concept and design.

It is because of this expertise and experience, that we have provided a service as consultant and supplier of solutions for a large number of industrial and retail bakeries around Australia and internationally. To fulfil our company's philosophy, this capacity has been augmented by selecting the best materials and components from around the globe.

What we manufacture and supply

To gain a better understating of our manufacturing expertise, listed below are some of the many projects our company has designed, manufactured or supplied to clients in the Baking and Food Industry.

Subcontractors for site installation client supplied overseas or manufactured equipment.

 Food Industry & Process Conveyors

  • Slat Band (Table Top): suitable for tins, trays and baskets.
  • Plastic Modular Belt: suitable for bread, biscuits and packaged meals.
  • Wire Belt (woven and straight): suitable for flat bread, dough, cakes and confectionary.
  • Flat Urethane Belt: (vertical and horizontal), suitable for dough, bread, packaged products, fish and meat,biscuits and cake.
  • Vibratory Bed Conveyor: suitable for crumpets.
  • Floveyor: supply and modifications: suitable for dry products.

Bakery Machine Remanufacturing

  • Pan-O-Mat (Model K400): Complete remanufacture including: divider head, rounding bars, rounding table conveyor, zig zag board, intermediate proofer, sheeting roller section, moulding conveyor, moulding pressure boards for various roll sizes and panning conveyor. A large number of these components were manufactured new.
  • UBE Bread Baggers:
  • UBE Bread Slicers:
  • AMF Model 75 Slicers:
  • UE6 Wrappers:
  • Dough Mixers: horizontal and high speed.
  • Vibratory Toppings Applicator: for various dry ingredients.
  • Biscuit make-up line:
  • 335 Intermediate Proofer:
  • Supertex Moulders:
  • Van Gelder Hammer Mills: for crumb plants.
  • AMF Do-Flo: complete unit including hydraulic pack.

Manufacture of New Bakery Machines

  • Bread Debagger: package unit for crumb plants.
  • Bun Crosser: complete unit including hopper and pump unit.
  • Toppings Applicator: vibratory screen style for various topping mediums.
  • Flour Depositor: rotary roller type.
  • Bun Slicer: single band style with pressure conveyor.
  • Tin Oiler: bread tin

Supply of New Imported Equipment

  • Vac-U-Max Agent: Pneumatically operated vacuum cleaners that are explosion rated for use in environments with high dust levels as well as general cleaning areas.
  • Dust Recovery: Also known as Dust Buster normally located over the panning conveyor at the end of Pan-O Mats to remove flour dust from bun trays.
  • Mist Recovery: Oil mist extraction from the face of the K Head on Pan-O-Mats.
  • Sub Contracting: Site installations for overseas and locally manufactured equipment.

Bakery Manufactured Items

  • Bread Basket Dollies: We have supplied the industry with several different styles of Dollie for well over 25 years.
  • Basket Lifters: Device used for moving stacks of baskets on and off dollies and also splitting stacks of baskets.


These are only a few of the products and services we have supplied over the years, if there is an item not listed, call our office and we will try our best to assist.