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Bread Slicer Blades and Blade Resharpening by Abtek IBE

Stainless Steel Blades

Who we are

We are a specialist bakery engineering company based in Ipswich, Queensland. We have a very proud and trusted name in manufacturing bread slicer blades since 1988.

We pride ourselves on the quality and durability of our blades.

Carbon Steel Blades

Our Blades

Our range covers the popular blades used in most bakeries around Australia such as National, Vic Ewen, Seton 370JC as well as over 30 other different types of bread slicer blades. (see our lengths and description chart below)

Our blades are available in Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and increasingly popular Teflon coating on a range of blades.

Because we are the manufacturer, we are normally able to make special orders to suit the most obscure bread slicer.

Teflon Coated Blades

Curlflow Brass Hangers and Blade Tensioners.

To maximise the investment in your blades, we also operate a blade sharpening service as well as supply the bits and bobs that hang off the blades in your slicer such as Curlflow Brass Hangers and Blade Tensioners.

As you are buying direct from the manufacturer, you can expect our prices to be very competitive.

How to order.........

Simply call us on (07) 32021326, fax (07) 32818342 or e-mail us and our friendly and helpful team will assist you.
We supply Australia wide overnight deliveries to most areas.

Our opening hours are:
Monday -Thursday 7.00am - 3.30pm
Friday 7.00am- 1.00pm

Lengths and Description
Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel Available

Description Length Centre of Rivets Dia. Of Rivets Or Holes No. Of Rivets Or Holes
Austbake Formosa 265.5mm 6.35mm 2 Rivets
Brown & Kidd Short 305.0mm 6.35mm 1 Rivet
Daub 296.0mm 5.50mm 2 Holes
Dumbrill 305.0mm 6.35mm 2 Rivets
Express 293.5mm 6.35mm 2 Rivets
Fyna/Supreme 323.5mm 6.35mm 2 Rivets
Jyde 258.0mm 5.50mm 2 Holes
Kuhn 300.0mm 5.50mm 2 Holes
National 359.0mm 6.35mm 2 Rivets
Oliver 260.5mm 4.50mm 2 Holes
Paramount 265.5mm 5.00mm 2 Holes
Pelkman B&K Medium 278.5mm 6.35mm 2 Rivets
Seton 310 207.0mm 4.75mm 2 Rivets
Seton 370 CC 250.0mm 4.75mm 2 Rivets
Seton 370 JC 259.5mm 4.75mm 2 Rivets
Simplex 293.5mm 4.75mm 2 Rivets
Sinclair 293.0mm 4.75mm 2 Rivets
Sono 293.5mm 6.35mm 1 Rivet
Vergo 259.5mm 6.35mm 2 Rivets
Alpi 256.0mm 5.50mm 2 Holes
Machine 2000 287.0mm 4.75mm 2 Rivets
Vic Ewan/Jacaberg 271 271.0mm 3.15mm 2 Pins